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Post Covid-19 Re-opening Policy

7th June 2020

Our Patient Homecare Guide

1st May 2020

Our dental partners provided a home care guide to help you take care of your oral health while having limited access to professional dental support. You can download the guide here or simply view it below.  


17th March 2020

Enhance Dental Clinics is open as normal at the moment. There is no need to cancel unless: 1. you have a fever over 37.8C or persistent cough or a household member has these symptoms 2. you have had contact with someone with coronavirus Lau and all the staff would like to reassure everyone that the…

What To Do If You Have A Chipped Tooth

15th March 2020

As you get older, your teeth weaken which can make them more susceptible to chipping. Even if a chip on your tooth is small and may appear to be insignificant, it should never be left untreated. The broken tooth can cause further harm or may be prone to infections which can cause a range of…

10 Habits That Cause Bad Teeth

27th February 2020

Did you know that your teeth enamel is the strongest substance in your body? It’s even stronger than your bones. Nonetheless, your teeth are not indestructible and you ought to care for them adequately. There are a few habits which can damage our teeth and while some are developed subconsciously, others are as a result…

Quick And Easy Ways To Check If Your Teeth Are Healthy – What Most People Don’t Do

9th February 2020

Most people neglect to evaluate the health of their teeth until their annual dental check-up or unless the pain becomes a factor. While routine dental check-ups are important and highly recommended, there are habits that you can adopt between visits to ensure that your teeth are healthy. As it turns out, healthy teeth go far…

4 Things People with Good Teeth Have in Common

27th January 2020

Ever wondered why people with good teeth seem to have it all? Well, it turns out, these people aren’t just happy and successful by chance. Here, we let you in on 4 things people with great smiles have in common.    They are more positive It’s believed that when the people around us are happy,…

Why Ignoring Missing Teeth Will Risk Your Health and Cost You Money

18th December 2019

Many of us are complacent about missing teeth, not realising that they can impact upon our health and facial aesthetics.  Once you lose teeth, your self-esteem can be knocked, eating made difficult and eventually your jawbone and face be affected.  Going forward, once the damage is done, it can be very costly to correct.  If…

4 Critical Signs Of Gum Disease And How To Treat It

4th December 2019

Gum disease can lead to loss of teeth as the tissue that surrounds them begins to deteriorate.  But before gum disease begins to develop (periodontitis), you may notice signs of gingivitis (gum inflammation). Gum inflammation does not always result in gum disease but if it is left untreated, the results can be disastrous as far…

How This Underrated Habit Can Drastically Improve Your Oral Hygiene For a Lifetime

14th November 2019

Many people do not realise that cleaning the tongue can be very beneficial for good health and wellbeing.  But why is keeping the tongue fresh important? The fact is, most diseases start life in the gut and research has shown that the mouth can act as a literal reservoir for microbes that can create inflammation…

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