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5th November 2018

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The last two camps and home…

7th June 2017

The last two days the team was to visit camps to the east of Thessaloniki, near Lake Koronia. The First was a German Red Cross/UNHCR site, a small camp near Lagkadas. Filled with small cabins for the refugees, the camp is home to around 350 people. The authorities can never be sure how many people…

Norwegian refugee council and the Macedonian border

5th June 2017

So for a bit of a change I’m writing this morning, nursing a coffee at our adopted coffee shop, opposite the hotel pit. I was going to try writing this last night but I needed some zzzzz’s and also needed to get to sleep before the snoring train, that is Richard Brookshaw, came into the…

Elpida and Diavata

2nd June 2017

The first camps… On Tuesday, around midnight, I landed safely in Greece. It was a pretty uneventful trip. I was then driven to thessaloniki by the Greek taxi driver equivalent of Jenson Button. I was dropped off at a small hotel that can, most politely be described as basic, but less diplomatically as a pit….

The refugee crisis…

25th May 2017

Since 2015 people have been fleeing persecution and violence in war torn Syria and the Middle East. Few of us will ever forget the harrowing images of drowned toddler Alan Kurdi washed up on the beach after leaving Turkey attempting to make the crossing to Greece. Sixteen desperate people on a small boat that capsized…

So this is me…

I’m a 45-year-old father of three and I’ve decided to write this blog as I’m going to work in refugee camps next week. Oh yes and I’m a dentist too! Many of you know me as a light-hearted person and I’ll try to keep writing like that, although you’ll all have to forgive me if…

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